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Border Security Investigations is a security guard company licensed by the State of Texas Private Security Bureau.   We have been in operation since 2009 and we incorporated in January 2013. Our corporate office is located at 6 West Henderson Road in Indian Lake, Texas. With adequate experience and practice in the field, we provide serious and dependable service to all our clients.  Our level of service and commitment to our customers is what separates us from all others.

 We offer competitive pricing and customize security guard programs supported by our most experienced security supervising and management staff. Our strict hiring practice and training programs assist in reducing client liability in the event of major and minor incidents.      

Developing individual officers and supervisory personnel is very important to us and we emphasize recruitment, screening, training, education and support that foster a loyal team of security professionals. Border Security and Investigations is focus on total security. That means we bring experience based custom solutions to each project and post.