Border Security and Investigations provides quality insurance to all clients. With quality trained field management, up to date equipment, and a great work force we compete as well as provide our clients the best services.


  • Local offices to help maintain supervision of employees as well as three dedicated managers for customer service.


  • All clients are guaranteed to have one dedicated captain for quality assurance as well as supervision.


  • Report writing for every shift signed off and maintained by the assigned captain of the client.


  • Custom planning and training seminars based on each individual clients specifications and requests.


  • All post orders will be maintained by the captain and audited monthly by management on quality assurance based on customer standards.


  • Post orders are reviewed annually and revised as needed.


  • All invoicing done online, customers have a digital version as well as sign in sheets for every invoiced attached.


  • Scheduling done twice a week as well schedule request forms where the employees are given an opportunity to be more flexible with their schedules and maintain a steady working field. Far less turnover with greater flexibility.


  • Security officers are required to have four hours of training each month which included First Aid, training seminars, crowd control, and report taking.


  • All billable hours will be scrutinized immensely amongst management to provide accurate hours.


  • Customers will have a specific report for their individual needs and areas that they are assessing.


  • Monthly meetings between our customer service management and clients will be greatly beneficial to maintain great service.


  • Local Rio Grande Valley patrol services check on our security officers 24/7.


  • Local Daily visits of our Captain or LT. will do random spot checks on every security officer.


  • Conduct audits of our security officers in hidden coverage to check for attentiveness, professionalism, and readiness.


Our clients are our most important aspect to our business. We appreciate every comment positive and negative towards our business. Border Security and Investigations strives to become on of the industries leading standards in providing security officers.