Border Security and Investigations


Recruitment and Selection Process

Our company selection on hiring quality personal is an ongoing process both to fill our companies expansion needs as well as maintain the highest quality of individuals for our clients. With dedicated Human resources staff we look for the up and coming brightest individuals who strive to better themselves and to better there working environment. 

Recruitment Process:

BSI heavily recruits based on prior experience.  Our company uses a great deal of resources to hire ex-military officers, police officers, and security officers who are licensed and registered. We use technological advantages by using multimedia resources to search for the specialized individuals. Any individual who possess any of these credentials is heavily favored amongst our human resources staff.


Conducting Interviews


BSI begins their process of selecting individuals to fill the security guard positions is by conducting a series of interviews. All applicants are required to send us a detail typed resume consisting of their last 10 years working history of prior employment including several references of previous employers. Automatically if the applicant does not present these standard items the individual application will not be considered and be considered incomplete. Our human resources are put in place to insure quality of the individual will check the indviduals references. Any inconsistencies found among the references will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted into any position. Our interview process is designed to separate the individuals who are not the utmost professional and will not last among the company. The interview also helps determines their mental capacity during stressful situations that all security officers will one day face. During the interview if the individual displays any ant-social tendencies and over aggressive nature their application will be denied based on their demeanor. Questionnaires are given out to the individuals to asking the individual to describe their strengths and weaknesses.


Background Checks

BSI checks every aspect of the individual’s background, which consists of criminal history, civil history, credit checks, and national fingerprint database. BSI uses this crucial information to disqualify any individual is not clear to work for a variety of reasons. Our company holds one of the industry’s highest standards on which background is cleared. We want our clients to feel a great since of pride about who is assigned to their area of need. We determine from their background ground checks what the individual area of expertise is. With the availability of technology all background checks are much easier and more efficient. A listing of the items we screen for are the following:

  • Social Security Records
  • State, Local & Federal Criminal History
  • Worker’s Compensation Records
  • Credit Report
  • Previous Employment (Listed on his/her resume)
  • Education
  • State Licenses (if any are claimed).

Applicants will then be selected for hiring after they successful completed this process.