Border Security Investigations Training Development

At BSI, our training and development is an on-going process. All our officers are required to attend a state credited training school in all fields of security officer employment, depending on what their specific occupation is within the company.  BSI main objective is to develop all the security officers to the best of their abilities. We are a very united team that is only strongest at our weakest link. In addition each one of our manger conducts each and every orientation with the following information:

Introduction to Security

  • What make Security officers Necessary
  • Deterrent of crimes
  • Purpose of Security Customers assets
  • Employee liability
  • Security functions
  • Legal authority limits
  • Between Felonies and Misdemeanors
  • Stressful situations
  • Courtesy and honesty amongst clients and co workers
  • The observe and report requirements
  • Time and attendance



  • Patrolling purposes
  • Alarm systems functions
  • Safety hazard training
  • Patrol report writing
  • Patrolling techniques and avoiding patterns
  • Guard System tour systems

Report Writing

  • The purpose of report writing
  • Accountability
  • Daily log, incident reports, and more
  • Keeping reports clear, concise and complete
  • Setting up and using a notebook
  • Making copies of reports
  • Reports and litigations
  • Reports reducing liability
  • Reporting malfunctions on posts
  • Reporting defective company equipment

Uniforms & Equipment

  • Purpose of the uniform
  • Making a good appearance
  • How to make a lasting impression
  • Taking care of the uniform
  • Summer and Winter Dress
  • Proper fit of the uniform
  • Proper use of a company radio
  • Handcuff usage
  • Key control
  • ASP baton

Firearms Safety

  • Understanding handgun mechanics
  • Cartridge safety
  • Sight alignment
  • Loading and unloading
  • Firearm safety rules
  • Muzzle control
  • Dry firing
  • Eye and Ear safety
  • Range rules and etiquette
  • Cleaning weapons
  • Gun locks, lock boxes, and safes

Work Environment Training

  • Public Relations
  • Fire Prevention
  • Communications
  • Access & Key Control
  • Legal Issues
  • Loss Prevention